Communication Notes Ch 8

Communication Notes Ch 8 - Clothing strongly influences...

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Chapter 8 Nonverbal Communication The intentional or unintentional transmission of meaning through individuals non-spoken physical and behavioral cues Principles of nonverbal communication Uses multiple channels Is ambiguous Has fewer rules Has more meaning- 85% of our messages are communicated nonverbally Nonverbal and verbal combine to create communication-ex. Angry: say we are angry- action: facial expression, pound desk ect. Is influenced by gender Is influenced by culture Nonverbal communication codes Physical appearance Kinesics Vocalic Haptics Proxmics Chronemics Environment Artifacts Why do people get tattoos? Or Piercings? Clothing and Body Adornments Cultural Display: people in different cultures wear certain things to show they belong to certain groups Communicate messages about status and social thinking: certain brands Research has shown…
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Unformatted text preview: Clothing strongly influences peoples judgment of profession, level of education, socioeconomic status and even personality and personal values. How you dress matters! Formally dressed professor= prepared, knowledgeable and organized Informally dressed=friendly, fair, enthusiastic and flexible Appearance: We perceive that people that are attractive as Happier More sociable More Popular More credible More prosperous When other people consider someone to be attractive, we do too The Human Face- John Cleese Beauty Pay attention to the findings of Dr, Stephen Marquardts study regarding the Universal Rules of Beauty What are some of the universal rules? Think about how attractiveness influences the development, maintenance and demis of interpersonal relationships Symmetry, health,...
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Communication Notes Ch 8 - Clothing strongly influences...

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