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ARKEO 268 Class notes 11/22/06 Ay and Horemheb <Ay, 1325-21> a high court official, bureaucrat Tut’s advisor Married Ankhesenpa-Aten / Ankhensen-Amun - changed her name right after - probably a very old man Ay and Tutankhamun, in KV 62 -Tut in mummified form (Osiris form) -Ay performing ‘opening of mouth’ to Tut, in his blue crown Quick transfer of power <Horemheb, 1321-`1293> a rival to Ay ‘Great commander’ employs fellow officers married Nefertiti’s sister for legitimacy adds name to Restoration stele of Tut - taking credit with the old gods (Horus, Isis, Anubis, Hathor), KV57 Karnak pylons and sphinx – lined processional to Luxor - Ram-headed, little Horemheb under the chins Missing munny, disturbed burial with vandalized mummies - bits and pieces of other mummies around in his tomb Unfinished tomb decorations – paintings not done Appointed vizier, Ramesses, as successor, second-in-command Sketchy - not a royal of a king line RAMESSEIDE ERA (dyn 19-20, upto 1070 of bitter end) <Ramesses I> 1293-91 Seth man from Avaris Old man at his throne From Avaris, a place of foreign invasion before Seth worshipper being in throne – assimilation of culture (good old Hyksos) <Seti I> (‘He of Seth’) 1291-78 another ‘Renaissance man’, literally “repeater of births” lots of cleaning up of Akhenaten,
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but retained clerestory architecture – letting lights into temples successful reign KV17, found 1817 by G. Belzoni (plunderer of antiquity, rotund), AKA “Patagonia
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ARKEO 268 class notes 112206_ - ARKEO 268 Class notes...

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