Assignment_2 - Chemistry 207 Assignment 2 Due: Friday,...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 207 Assignment 2 Due: Friday, September 14 @2:00pm Name_fl Kg i ‘ 49 85. Cha ter 4: 23 3‘5 45 61.65 71 81. l. Solvay, NY, 60 miles northeast of lthaca. is named after a process for manufacturing sodium carbonate. (NaQCOgl. in the 19th century, this manufacture resulted in significant pollution of Onondaga Lake. The process occurs in three steps: {1) ammonia, carbon dioxide. and water react to produce NH4HCOH; {2) Ni—Lfl-lCO3 reacts with sodium chloride. to give Nai—lCOJ and NH4Cl; (3‘) NaHCO;1 decomposes to produce sodium carbonate: water, and carbon dioxide. Assuming each step is perfectly efficient, how many tons of sodium carbonate (to 3 significant figures) are produced per ton of ammonia? Ln “H3 7‘ CC‘L'l H’LO *5 UHL‘HCO} LL] NHu‘ +‘U‘~L\ “3) N‘HCUJ * NHn‘Ll (3) EA“ Hm3 —-: MALCOI + “to +(_nL ______________./ 1.013 3 mil taut UH; (\M9\UH*1HCGJ\(\M1IHKH(”3 {ll-m unto; taco 3 Hut/0% Mal “held: 2 an «a Unfit}; 1 4mm “‘7 W M‘LCOB 2. The hormone adrenaline contains by mass 59.0% C,7.1% H, 26.2% 0, and 7.7% N. Its molecular mass is about 180 it. Use this information to write a balanced chemical equation for the combustion of adrenaline, assuming that the only products are C03, H20, and N3. First- , 59A. (thumb-Eon Erin-A‘s. {ll—SSW.“ lU'ba alum-cling. S‘qho :\Hl Mal 1," D H 1-. M‘\ H ‘ l‘LJJHaL [JDVDH 1m o “ml 0 : tot ml OK 1.1 u ‘———*"‘°‘ ” \ =M‘ a (Una-gab} Xf—flg’ D *‘1‘0\DVJ it”, .1‘ C‘M Hmo ©\.Lwo.w my; 5 (‘34 Hi1.» Oz,‘ Llilo —-——‘> Cal-l,3 (93V Cluck. LernvnA-i Muss: fiQVLAsr \‘5 .t‘SMQ;l\-1 3: H23 3 M\\-fl‘, Mn\z_(v.\ar' (—“rmk\.‘ i5 f . \Ll Cartwwo; + a3 01 3. Iron can be extracted from iron ore by a process in which chOfis) reacts with gaseous carbon monoxide to produce elemental iron and carbon dioxide. l.00 kg Fe303(5) is exposed to 0.400 kg carbon monoxide, and the reaction proceeds to completion. Determine the mass of each reactant and product that is present after reaction finishes. List your final results in the table provided. FeLogtsi i3COQa‘J ~47 ZFQUU +3(01(3\ [m 3 F993 (L M“ F‘LO3 ;\C.u m1 mpg} Lima (‘5 (“*0 C”) : lint-3 will 0} iT‘lJJF‘cLOI 2.3,0‘la CD {1“} (“Wield-3) Cic Hui f‘utSl ("e-\Utiru 3i€.10= 13'4" “v” (~0- mrehre CO is Huck-«3 , cat-«X 75 REAL-t UH”- rvim 9:633 Mr. WU- : (c1; _ 1%,3/3jmalFeL03 (Iraq DELU; ) _- 135,»? Ethos: H-l +2.33; WV“): Fe. {inlwuk : “('3 "Ni Co (and Fenibme‘ —— \531 F 3%“ (0 H51 FL " 3 Mass C3; {imbue—i “ - id.3m°]Co innian ktth Cc: ._—— t '-- :; Z (ih'u\ CO\[ Tfla—l—QC—g-L\ —.._._________ material R3303 carbon monoxide carbon dioxide mass remaining (2) 4. The antitumor agent cisplatin (Pt(NH3)1Clg) has been used to treat a variety of cancers for nearly 30 years. It is synthesized from K313tCl4 (aq) and aqueous ammonia in a reaction that produces cisplatin and KCl(aq). 5.00 ml of 0.0120 M KZPtC14(aq) is mixed with 3.00 ml of 0.0562 M aqueous ammonia, and the reaction proceeds to completion, producing 0.00916 g cisplatin. What is the percent yield of cispiatin? Kano. (M) + 10H: («0 .4: FICOUHQLCJLBW +Uccttct1‘g (>5"ru L\(¢.bltutj angle) 2 \Cicm Klo'rw‘ui \(LVLCM "'-—_______.—________—__n—__a_ (0-003m L\(0~Qy(17_fr NHJU :- i.(.1;;go‘\"‘ Mg\ HHS ~~i fnvfis 6cm? Kan: Ciw “‘fl-lqvu, 1(C‘Wxio‘rimu‘i UH: 2 i,2_o><io Mei UH; So K109 Cit... Cs itmIRAD. morgkcqi 7.1M Cupikkq 1‘ (_wkto‘rmu\ C:JP\6‘\f‘fih (3Q.0§' a Uinaka not crspi-tl-t-fi 3 \oicts’b Q UJQ’iKH") —'-———'————*————~—.___ ‘b/u : G‘qu‘|c Kink/D : I/e Otoig‘o ...
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Assignment_2 - Chemistry 207 Assignment 2 Due: Friday,...

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