Divine providence and miracles

Divine providence and miracles - already planned out by a...

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How does divine providence play into our understanding of God? This question is an essential one to human understanding of god that is addressed directly by several of the authors from the readings. This question is essential to many understandings, particularly denominations of Christianity based on Calvinism. Devine providence and the concept of predestination is concepts that are very controversial among many religious thinkers. Divine providence plays a very crucial role in our understanding of God. Paul Helm is able to effectively balance the question of whether God takes risks when commanding what someone or something will do. This also sharply bring into question God’s goodness and again the problem of evil. As well as the subject of human free will and how providence allows for free will if everything someone will do is
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Unformatted text preview: already planned out by a creator. J.R. Lucas perhaps offers the best answer to how divine providence can make sense in our perception of God. Lucas suggests that God has mearly created a blueprint for what is going to happen. There is no set means for how humanity is going to arrive at the finished product but just the fact that eventually everything will work out to match God’s plan. God is like a builder who along the way to finishing his “house” he can change his mind about how certain parts of his creation are built. The workers actually building the house, humanity, make mistakes and God has to adjust his plan to accommodate them. Perhaps, these interventions or changes in God’s plan could be seen as the “miracles” that are also addressed in the reading....
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