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Evil and God - everything is good then than evil must exist...

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How does “evil” relate to the existence of God? This question is a common theme throughout the readings whether it is stated explicitly or not. Hume offers up the point that God cannot exist if evil exists. This point is challenged by several of the other authors including Mackie, St. Augustine, and Adams. Evil is obviously present in the world and humans have longed searched for an answer as to why or how evil exists. It seems too many that if God is good, and created humanity in his image then there should be no evil. Tackling this question, as seen in the readings, can lead some to believe that evil actually offers proof God doesn’t exist. While others find that the problem of evil actually offers more evidence for God’s qualities like omnipotence and his actual existence. According to Hume evil presents a very stiff challenge to the existence of God. If God created everything in his image and likeness then everything would presumably be good. However, since not
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Unformatted text preview: everything is good then than evil must exist and if evil exists than God cannot exist. . This argument has several key flaws. As Saint Augustine points out everything is created initially “good” but can be corrupted by evil that is present in the world. J.L. Mackie offers an answer to the “half-hearted” solutions put forth by Hume and others. Mackie argues that the existence of evil as a counterpart to good implies that by creating good God accidently created evil. This presents a challenge to not only the omnipotence of God, but also his perfect nature. Mackie’s answer is that this may in fact not fallow traditional human logic, but since by his omnipotence God also created logic then the human intuition is wrong. Adams supports Mackie’s view and adds a very profound point. Humans cannot comprehend why God allows evil to exist and take place because it is impossible for us to understand God’s reasons for doing anything....
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