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This preview shows page 1 - 4 out of 11 pages. Organizational Behavior Assignment #2
Image of page 1 INTRODUCTION: The commissioner of the WA Police has asked your consulting firm to make the report on how they can establish a more positive culture. As consultant I have focused on the two main areas i.e. what must be done to address the concerns detailed in the stimulus article and how the commissioner should manage the change process to give the organization the best chance of changing in the desired fashion. In other words the report is focusing on the two major areas of management, Cultural effect and change management. So here I have given my opinion and suggestion to the commissioner for the concerned issues. Let discuss it in brief. TASK 1 WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE IN THE CULTURE TO MAKE IT MORE POSITIVE: OVERVIEW: For every head of populace, Western Australia is the most socially assorted state in Australia. It is home to individuals from more than 200 separate nations. Just about 28% of WA's populace was conceived abroad. Of those 40% talk a dialect other than English at home. On account of this social differing qualities dialect hindrances, religious convictions, misguided judgments, errors and preconceived mentality a "social crevice" has been made in the middle of police and ethnic minority bunches. Social equity alludes to the value or the right all inhabitants have to the same privileges and profits without separation. All parts have the right to get to administrations which are fitting to their individual needs. Uniformity intimates that people are not advantaged or distraught in their right to gain entrance to group assets and administrations. (John M. Gottman) Law and equity is society particular and value to all will undiscovered alarm, give strength and cultivate congruous relations between ethnic groups and Police. The policing needs of ethnic groups are pretty much as fluctuated as their ethnicity. Experience has demonstrated that technique created and actualized focusing on the standard group won't essentially help individuals from socially and phonetically various foundations. What is Positive Culture? A positive society has a tendency to be sustaining, vote based and dynamic. At the point when a society is in positive mode it supports and qualities the commitments of its parts; subsequently thoughts develop and prosper. A positive society is adaptable to change and adjusts to help its parts in an element and continually evolving world. With the consolidated vitality of all its parts, a positive society can earnestly seek after the difficulties without bounds.
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