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Assignment_6 - Chemistry in" ‘ Assignment 6 I Due...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry in"; ‘ Assignment 6 _ I ' Due: Friday, October 26 @2:00pm Name ‘ Lab TA Lab Day/Time WM 1. Write a Lewis structure for N3 and denote formal charges on each atom. Predict its molecular shape using the VSEPR method. Discuss the electronic structure of N3 in terms of hybridization at the central nitrogen atom and the number of o and n electrons. How many unpaired electrons are there? Is the molecule polar? Predict the relative N-N bond lengths in N2 and N3. ' - {a O . o. o {gm‘k’l‘og I'M-{($634 £'$ 4" T T "' 3 3‘ fg’l-éufia’f? J :A/rl' I: 9 [- *P I} fact: It lirjtrvelj‘chrp ‘éflé o 4? \AL.“ I» ’5 ‘ [Wt/Pres}: an Hing!“ Vetme Gin titers: 2: ’5‘ A! . J v kl _ .16" in Wagl'm 'fe‘ Eh crusabilem. em? a‘ P emjokar shape: “a is pcdox . ._.—-——v— 2. Both my and NH,+ are angular species. but the bond angle in NH; is less than that in NH;”. What is the reason for this difference in bond angles? Take the x-axis as lying perpendicular to the plane of the molecule. Does the N2“ orbital participate in the hybridization of either species? Briefly explain your answer. ‘ IV "a: 7 1/1411 Q ,9 - ' “V 1 N gs'ffprmia- {{9/ / " Katina; N.th 4% knew a...) H K/ 7 § ‘ fl"; V Giggles I 3. Draw a molecular orbital diagram for the homonuclear diatomic molecule 'Cltlabel the atomic orbitals _ (AOs) that form the molecular orbitalsgh/le), and the molecular orbitals as 0 or at; bonding (b) or antibonding 1‘). Show how electrons the $05 distribute in the MOs. Would Q‘ be expected to have a shorter or I ng'er bond than C2? Why?” ' " ' _ ' . . .,...... . I c; «9 03,551!) cam) ages») as;le 7‘ -- . earl/we.“ in- ~ \% t - I I . I. - .. ' ,aiza'fl/ n, b .I _ .1 I I ’ .3; .I - .n: “P _ “ " ' ,. Blit’fflz £t___(C;_'; 4. Diacetylmorphine was patented for pain relief by the Bayer Corporation under the tradename “Heroin”. ' Unlike another tradename of the company “Aspirin”, Bayer has never sued to protect the usage of “Heroin”. Designate the hybridization (e. g. sp3, etc.) and geometry (e.g. trigonal, etc.) about each non—hydrogen atom. in diacetylmorphine. Also draw in any lone-pair electrons and hydrogen atoms not represented in the / bonding scheme. Mk - A.” fr3¢nov . m “it” (’_\ ...
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