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BioEE 278 August 28, 2007 P48 – Chapter 3: Patterns of Evolution <Evidence for Evolution> Systematists – Classified organisms by comparing characteristics -Their data fit into Darwin’s theory of descent from common ancestors; Darwin’s evidence -Comparative information: morphology, embryology, (nowadays) cell biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology; all data consistent with Darwin’s hypothesis 8 Patterns confirming evolution 1. The hierarchical organization of life -Linnaeus 2. Homology -Similarities in structures despite functional discrepancies; modified characteristics from ancestry 3. Embryological similarities -Homologous characters appearing during development
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Vestigial characters-Structural, functional, molecular level; adaptations of old non-functioning characters 5. Convergence-Evolution history: logical explanation for cases in which different organisms use very different structures for the same function 6. Suboptimal design-“Accidents” of evolution which should not be permitted by an intelligent designer 7. Geographic distributions-Biogeography: geographic distributions of species and higher taxa, usually from a common ancestor in geographically closer areas 8. Intermediate forms-Successive small changes; innumerable cases of characteristics varying by degrees among species and higher taxa...
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