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proposal paper - also going to be including a personal...

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Ryan Rooney English 15 Proposal Proposal Paper The main focus of my paper is going to be comparing Alice Walker, Lucy Grealy and Harriet McBryde Johnson. I am going to talk about how each one of these authors dealt with there physical problems differently. Some of the differences between these authors are that Grealy is always trying to fix her problems and Johnson just accepts or problem and lives her life to the fullest and finally Walker felt like she had to hide from the world because nobody would like her. Some of the Quotes I will be using in my paper are, “I have no more reason to kill myself then most people” (pg. 89), “I’d already had more than a dozen operations in the states, yet my insurance ran out and so did my hope that any real difference could be made.” (pg. 63), “I am twelve. When relatives come to visit I hide in my room.” (pg. 57). I am
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Unformatted text preview: also going to be including a personal experience in my paper. This personal experience I will be talking about took place during my ninth grade year. I was playing basketball and we won against these older guys and after the game they attacked me and broke my nose. I know to an extent of what these writers had to go through because I had to wear a white cast on my nose for a month or two during ninth grade. I could really tell that everyone was looking at me different and I defiantly felt worse about myself during this time and my self esteem was thrown out the window. I’m going to relate my problem to the other authors and how they dealt with there physical problem that occurred in there life....
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