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lucy grealy - when she was nine years old and had her first...

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Ryan Rooney English 15 Lucy Grealy Mirrors In “Mirrors” Lucy Grealy writes an essay about her life and how she was concurrent with “fixing my self, my soul, my life”. She did that by getting plastic surgery multiple times on her face. This does not only fix herself it fixes her life because now people will look at her different and not say mean things to her like they did in London. This fixes her soul because now that the jerks in London would not be saying anything anymore, which would make her feel so much better about herself, and she would not have to hide anymore. This will also help because now she will want to look in a mirror and will not have to wait years to do so. She first goes back to
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Unformatted text preview: when she was nine years old and had her first surgery on her right jaw to prevent cancer from spreading. She had a fun time while she was in the hospital there. She didn’t cry up in till she had to start chemo, then it got really hard. She then decided she wanted to become a “deep” person even though she did not know what it meant. Then the teenager years started and she got picked on a lot like being called jerry’s boyfriend, it really got to her. She went to college in hope of finding a boyfriend and was always undergoing reconstructive surgery. Lucy does not want everyone to always relate life to how do I look....
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