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Unformatted text preview: Have it your way: The 99 cent Cornburger The production of a 99 cent hamburger implies the ruthless treatment of cows, the destruction of our environment, and the fattening of the consumer. The push for profitable food in fast food restaurants and markets today has come at an expense. Although there is instant gratification when buying cheap foods such as a hamburger, the true consequences lie in the long run. The 99 cent hamburger is a modern marvel where the consumer gets a true bang for their buck, but then we must ask the question; if we are getting such a great deal, who in turn is getting the bad deal? Ethically, we treat our cattle and environment so poor just to make the hamburger extremely inexpensive, always asking ourselves How can we cut costs to make our food cheaper so people will buy and eat more?, a true quantity over quality model. Since costs are always being cut, the cattle raised are fed and housed in poor conditions and costly environmental precautions are never...
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