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Humanimals Defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an animal is any such living thing other than human. Although animals may be different than humans because of their capacity to process information, animals should be treated with greater respect and consideration. Unlike Descartes who believed animals were just mere machines who did not possess any intelligence, they possess something greater. Animals, much like humans, share the feelings of pain. In this sense, animals are smart enough to realize if they can avoid suffering, then they will. This is the crux and most important argument to animal rights rather than obligation to animals. Carl Cohen argues that as humans, we do not need to grant anything to animals, rather we must give them great obligation because it is our duty. I disagree that it is only our duty to protect animals just because we eat them, it must be more. Someone being obliged to help somebody else does not necessarily mean that they will actually help them. Rights to animals are much more absolute. If
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