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rst 10 Pape 1 - To first note I enjoyed my dinner time meal...

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To first note, I enjoyed my dinner time meal with my lacrosse team. As Barthes describes, eating is a communal experience, where most of the day’s thoughts and highlights are discussed. Moreover though, this meal is a rite of initiation between the rookies of the team, me and other new members of the lacrosse team, and the elder lacrosse players. This can be shown when we also must pay for the senior players’ meals through our own meal plans. Although we are paying for their meal, we are also partaking in a lacrosse tradition just as the French let “food permit a person to partake each day of the national past” (Barthes, 24). This not only brings the team closer but increases the team chemistry on and off the lacrosse field. Moreover, now to the actual meal, the overall quality and taste of this meal was generally mediocre, not the worst dorm food ever but also, there have been days where dorm food has been exceptional. As Barthes relates certain tastes of food with the certain social and economic classes we pertain too, I disagree with his notion. Although there may be an assumption that higher social classes have more discerning taste buds (Barthes, 22), I believe that people in lower classes also have
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rst 10 Pape 1 - To first note I enjoyed my dinner time meal...

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