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rst 10 paper 2 - The other"Holy Trinity Working Together to...

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The other “Holy Trinity” Working Together to Take over the World In the advent of industrial corn, science economics, and politics played a timely role in a coming revolution. Within each category, inventions, policies and theory were able to stimulate our present day situation of corn everywhere. Science is the biggest supporter and progressor of the corn revolution. It began with American Indians as plant breeders that would conceive and pair different traits of corns together. More recently, science has continued to create a hybrid corn. The greatest result of this discovery included corn that had “thicker stalks and stronger root systems, the better to stand upright in a crowd and withstand mechanical harvesting” (Pollan, 37) was that it could now be “patented”. Before the creation of the hybrid corn, anybody could sell their trait of corn, but would soon go out of business because their special strand of corn would reproduce itself to the buyer. Scientists were now able to rid of that function. The effects of
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