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rst paper 4 - The Biggest"Loser In the center of every...

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The Biggest “Loser” In the center of every culture typically lie food practices that tell something about that culture. In the readings this past week and a half, several different and varied cultures dawn their world views on the reader. Through these readings, culture directly dictates how its society conditions certain foods while also unconsciously targeting women during this process. Society and more importantly religions prohibit certain foods to its members through social networks, discipline, and holiness. One example is Jamaican society where, most members of the community eat but the ones that do not are the social outcasts. Jamaican society then, does not prohibit certain foods rather, they encourage everyone in that community to share food with all their kin. Only the ones that do not have a strong social network are the ones that are prohibited food. In doing so, Jamaican society tries to draw the whole community in together.
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