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Anth 101 January 14, 2008 - A crowded family: the shape of humankind’s family tree What is the shape of the tree? - East and South Sub-Saharan Africa… not Europe and not the “New World” - Finds are mostly fragments and date up to 4 million years old - Account begins with Raymond Dart and the “Taung” Child o Dated 2 million years o Foramen magnum - Many Hominids o Hominids: human-like species that walked upright o Early hominids had: small brains, large molar teeth, protruding jaw and varied body size o Richard Leakey’s mother, Mary, and later, his brother, Jonathan, identified fossils in East Africa, at Olduvai Gorge - Australopithecines - Lucy: in 1970’s Maurice Taieb and Donald Johnson founded the fossil
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Unformatted text preview: -Lucy was 3.9 million years old, found in Kada Hadar, Ethiopia, bipedal-Important find to show how old the biped is o Anatomical Features Jaw and teeth Foramen magnum Inner ear: humans have 3 C shaped tubes, Apes do not have enlarged tubes Pelvic alignment Lengh and shape of femur Feet Sexual dimorphism-Homo habilis: o First Homo (genus of human species) o Contrasts Bipedalism (changes in anatomy do not include barrel-chested character of australopithecines) Brain size (650 cc) Tools-Acheulan Industry o Dated about 1.4 myr...
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