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Anth 101January 11

Anth 101January 11 - Anth 101 Physical or Biological...

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Anth 101 January 11, 2008 Physical or Biological Anthropology: - What is unique to anthropology, what makes it different from other university disciplines? It incorporates other disciplines such as chemistry and physics. Left with a lot of questions unanswered. - What are the different fields in anthropology? Physics, Archaeology, Sociology etc. - Rise of Sub-Discipline of Physical/Biological Anthropology o Developed in the 19 th century as o Physical Anthropology b/c data was physical… fossils o Paul Broca, founded an Anthropological Society (1859) o After Alfred Russell Wallace and Charles Darwin, many referred to the discipline as Biological Anthropology o Further shaped by o Included Carolus Linnaeus Taxonomic classification (1778) o Franz Boas “father of anthropology” he wanted to see humans as they spoke, their ethnicity, their biology, their cultural etc. - Focus: o Biological evolution o Genetic inheritance o Human adaptability and o Variation and diversity of populations - Looks beyond just humans but animals as well. This field looks at the connections with animals and the environment.
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