Afam 101 July 19

Afam 101 July 19 - cane until it exploded-Preston was a...

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Afam 101 July 19, 2007 - William Lloyd Garrison was an indentured servant - He burned a copy of the constitution - Douglass believed it was a good document - Garrison was a little more of a black nationalist - The south had a unified identity - The north was more fragmented and there was more opinions about if slavery was good for America - Every major event was west of the Mississippi so the civil war wasn’t just between the north and the south - Kentucky was on the Missouri compromise line so there was a huge debate on wether it should be free or a slave state - Bleeding Kansas - Charles Sumner 1856 was the senator from the state of Massachusetts - He made a speech where he was debating Andrew Butler a senator from South Carolina - They were arguing about whiteness not about slavery - It was about what slavery did to white people - They wanted to get rid of slaves - Butler’s nephew Preston Brooks from the SC house of representatives, went to Charles Sumner’s seat in congress 2 days after the debate and beat him with a
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Unformatted text preview: cane until it exploded-Preston was a confederate hero-Texas is the only slave state at the time in the west-It was a Spanish speaking place -Slavery was being instituted in Texas even though it was being outlawed-Texas had originally revolted against Mexico and became an independent state and they legalized slavery before it joined the U.S. in 1845-New Mexico, Arizona, Utah…. Were left open to decide if they would be free-Dred Scott v Sanford-Lincoln said if he became president that he would overthrow the dred scott case-It was overturned by the 14 th amendment -This case was dred scott was a slave in VA and he was bought by a Dr. named Emerson, he was an army physician-His owner moved around a lot-Roger Taney was a Maryland judge and he had been a slave owner but he freed his slaves-He said dred scott wasn’t a citizen just b/c he was black-...
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Afam 101 July 19 - cane until it exploded-Preston was a...

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