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Drama 115January 14 - The second version is in color and...

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Drama 115 January 14, 2008 Page to Stage - Recipe, blueprint, sheet music, travel guidebook Our Points of Focus - Text (dramaturgy- a playwrights style) - Context (Hist/lit/biog/Theatrical) - Supertext/Subtext (outer/inner) - Form + Context - Tradition + Innovation - Resonance + Legacies 1930/60/90 Scenes from the same play in different generations - 1936 scene of Romeo and Juliet meeting at the Capulet Ball - 1968 version younger actors- set the new tradition of younger actors in roles on stage and in movies as well
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Unformatted text preview: - The second version is in color and has actual song in it. Better cinematography o More intimate scene, it didn’t look as staged. More natural o The song set the mood of the scene o The song left foreshadowing of the tragedy to come-1997 more modern song for the scene o More emphasis on their realization of who they are o More space between them in the ballroom at the end of the scene o Song reinforced the relationship o Paris was in the scene...
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