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Educ 441 September 4 - Educ 441 - September 4, 2007 - - for...

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Educ 441 September 4, 2007 - for strength of our democracy we need to educate the citizens in a democratic fashion - government in the hands of the people required a formal education - that way they could make intelligent decisions - it’s purpose was not for wealth - it was an organized factory sort of system at first - no other society had established schooling - the factory way of schooling wasn’t very effective - the biggest problem is the state of early childhood education - we’re so wealthy we can drag the problem along instead of preventing it - the profession determines how much money you make - educations main purpose is to make you a broadly educated person - there is a cohort of children that have difficulty learning because of several reasons such as parental influence, home environment, and many have been cast out because of their circumstances - the system focuses on “interchangeable parts” - some need time - they also need encouragement - they blame themselves - our curriculum is based on reading - at the end of the 3 rd grade it is assumed that one knows how to read - homogeneous grouping- results are the honors kids learn no more, the regulars learn no more but the slower children learn less - no teacher can teach kids simultaneously - 25% of our population is still illiterate - Why do “the slows” learn less? No one expects much of them, their self concept is really low- they believe they can’t do it, the slows aren’t as good human beings- honors are seen as better, we don’t give very good teachers to them - The higher their economic status they tend to be honors students - The slows are the hardest of all to teach
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Educ 441 September 4 - Educ 441 - September 4, 2007 - - for...

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