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What is corporate social responsibility? 1. Beliefs that guide socially responsible business practices: - People do their best with a balance o work and family life - Organizations perform best in healthy communities - Organizations gain by respecting the natural environment - Organizations must protect their reputations 2. Arguments against social responsibility: - Reduced business profits - Higher business costs - Dilution of business purpose - Too much social power for business - Lack of public accountability 3. Arguments in favor of social responsibility:
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Unformatted text preview: - Adds to long run profits- Improved public image- Avoids more government regulation- Businesses have resources and ethical obligation 4. Strategies for pursuing social responsibility:- Obstructionist - meets economic (classical view)- Defensive - Accommodative - Proactive MANAGEMENT BY INSPIRATION- people arent numbers February 12th 7:30 Math 100 - about the who not the what ENLIGHTENED SELF INTEREST- Starbucks movie- small farms to keep them in business...
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