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Military History study guide - Iraqi Freedom U.S plans to...

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Iraqi Freedom U.S. plans to stop Sadaam after 9-11 because of his Al Queada connections Iraq government allows UN weapon inspectors to return, and search for WMDs but the Iraqi government did not cooperate enough. Acted shady. U.S. plans an invasion. UN does not approve. France and Russian veto invasion. Great Britain, Spain, Italy join our “Coalition of the Willing” and we invade regardless. Causes: Misconceptions on Iraqi WMD’s, to create a democratic state in the middle east and to stop Sadaam and his Al Queada contacts. March, 2003 U.S. invades. Fast and successful assault. Turkey does not allow the 4 th ID to use it as an entry point in the north so they have no part in invasion. 3 rd ID, British 1 st armored and the Marine Expeditionary Unit quickly succeed. May, 2003 Bush declares all hostilities over. After collapse of Iraqi government, U.S. unable to maintain law and order. Not enough troops. November, 2003 Sadaam is captured. There are still large battles like the marines fighting in Fallujah for example,. Thus far 4,000 soldiers have been lost and all of our allies have withdrawn except the British who plan to leave by the end of the year. There was a surge, we increased troop levels, it seems over now. Our mistakes for the collapse of law and order in Iraq: Disbanding of entire Iraq army, removed baath party members from all government positions . War will cost trillions.
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Military History study guide - Iraqi Freedom U.S plans to...

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