Hum1124(Exam2Review)(Spring2008)[1] - Laocoon Sinon Hector...

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Humanities 1124 Exam 2 Review Sheet The format for exam 2 will be a mixture of multiple choice, identification (with choices), matching, and essay (with choices). In order to do well on the exam, you are expected to have completed ALL of the in-class readings and taken good notes during class lectures. This “review sheet” is not meant to take the place of doing these things, but to act as a guide for your exam preparation. Be sure that you know the primary characters and events in the following works: Steven Saylor, A Murder on the Appian Way Virgil, Aeneid , Books 1-12 You are also responsible for the readings in the Atlas of Rome (pages 28-35). Important Names and Concepts: A Murder on the Appian Way Gordianus Bethesda Eco Diana Belbo Davus Clodius Milo Clodia Fulvia Cicero Tiro Eudamus and Birria Felix Felicia Sextus Tedius Tedia Mopsus and Androcles Meto Virgil’s Aeneid Aeneas Juno Venus Achates Dido Ascanius/Iulus
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Unformatted text preview: Laocoon Sinon Hector Pyrrhus Priam Creusa Anchises Polydorus Penates Harpies Celaeno Helenus Achaemenides Scylla and Charybdis Anna King Iarbas Iris Beroe Sibyl of Cumae golden bough Misenus Charon Cerberus Minos Elysium Tartarus Tisiphone Rhadamanthus “Sinners” of Tartarus River Lethe Erato King Latinus Amata Lavinia Turnus Rutulians Faunus Allecto Calybe Tyrrhus Mezentius Tiberinus Evander Pallas Arcadians Pallanteum Cacus Vulcan Shield of Aeneas Nisus and Euryalus Ascanius and Numanus Pandarus and Bitias Mezentius and Lausus Diomedes Drances Camilla Juturna Iapyx Marius Social Wars Sulla Pompey the Great Cicero Catiline First triumvirate Crassus Clodius Milo Mark Antony Julius Caesar Rubicon River Battle of Pharsalus Cleopatra Caesarion Brutus and Cassius Octavian Philippics Second triumvirate Battle of Philippi Treaty of Brundisium Battle of Actium...
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Hum1124(Exam2Review)(Spring2008)[1] - Laocoon Sinon Hector...

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