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1 Information is knowledge derived from data

1 Information is knowledge derived from data - education...

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1 Information is knowledge derived from data. To put it more simply, information is knowledge that we can gleam from understanding different facts and figures. A very simple example of information is the average grade of students in a class. This information is found from the data of each individual grade. 3 If one were to show their transcript to a prospective employer, that would definitely be information. This is because it has a meaningful context. It is important to us that an employer sees this and potentially hires us. The dog on the other hand is another story. Your dog is not going to hire you. So showing your dog your transcript is purely data, just like showing it to your goldfish, plant, or television. The information is what the prospective employer takes out of your transcript, like your prior jobs,
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Unformatted text preview: education, etc. The culmination of all of this is the information. 4. Information can be a little tricky to define, but in my opinion, information is the “stuff”, like facts and figures, or data, that can be used to make an educated decision. 5. The reason it is so hard to define information and make sense of it is the fact that information is so hard to define. It varies from person to person what information actually is. I may feel that this girl named Laura not having a boyfriend as information, whereas my friend may see this as data. We need the information technology industry because information is vital to everyday life both data and information needs to be siphoned through in order to find what information is vital to which person....
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