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(5 points / Due: November 6, 2007) Overview The purpose of this extra credit assignment is to help me choose a discussion board and WIKI for use in future semesters. You can suggest a discussion board and a WIKI that you have used or ones that you have simply researched. In addition to suggesting a discussion board and WIKI, you must also give ratings based on the criteria specified below. I would like to use the discussion board to facilitate asynchronous communications among groups of 50 students about course related topics. I would like to start several threads and give students credit for meaningful replies to my topics or other student posts. I would like to use the WIKI to allow groups of 50 students to share short, original videos and comments about the videos. I will setup the WIKI but students will control all the content. I will specify my criteria for choosing a discussion board and WIKI and instructions for your ratings. Please complete the last pages of this document then print these pages and submit the printed pages in class by the due date. In addition to submitting a hard copy, please submit answers via the Extra Credit link in Blackboard, also by the due date.
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Discussion Board Criteria Privacy – I must have the ability to restrict membership to the discussion board to just the 50 students I identify. I do not want non-class members posting to the discussion board. Ideally, I would have the ability to batch register members by uploading a comma delimited file. Distributing a password or some other key to
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discussion board and wiki - ACIS 1504 Discussion Board &...

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