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Press in America Paper 3 Select a concept, development, innovation, invention, person, group, era or movement in the history of American media. Using any source other than the Sloan text, write an essay exploring the topic you selected, why it appeals to you, and its significance in media history, society and culture. Your essay must be at least two typed pages. Keep in mind that a key purpose of this paper is to get outside the Sloan text, so don’t use
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Unformatted text preview: it at all as a reference, other than perhaps in selecting your topic. In addition to the essay of at least two typed pages, include a separate page identifying your source or sources, and give a brief assessment on whether you believe the source can be viewed as reliable, if it’s skewed or biased in any way, and why. This assessment can be a paragraph or two. Due date is Thursday, Dec. 13....
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