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Com 486: The Cinema of Alfred Hitchcock Spring 2008 The Men Who Made the Movies: Inside Hitchcock I. for Tuesday, Feb 5. Questions on Leitch 180-96 in Gottlieb/Brookhouse. 1. Identify three points for discussion in this reading. 2. What is meant by “the Hitchcock moment”? What are some of these “moments” discussed in the reading? What are some of the moments that stayed with you from The Lodger and Blackmail ? II. Please consider the following questions as you watch Richard Schickel’s program on Hitchcock. Take notes on anything that you find interesting for discussion. 1. How does Hitchcock define the difference between suspense and surprise?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What is a McGufffin? What were the McGuffin’s in The Lodger and Blackmail ? 3. To what extent, according to this documentary, do Hitchcock's films reflect or draw from the director’s personal experience? 4. What do Hitchcock and the commentator in the film have to say regarding the importance of editing , camera angle, and preproduction in Hitchcock's films? 5. What does Hitchcock mean by his interest in the subjective ? 6. What themes, situations, or issues are present in Hitchcock's films?...
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