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Departmentalism Departmentalism is one of the hardest models to understand completely. I proposed the idea of 2 branches of the government being able to overturn another branches decision. The reasoning for this was I felt departmentalism, counteracted the other three models where one branch was the dominant branch, and made the most important decisions for the government. Thomas Jefferson was the basis for my theory, because I believe he wanted to be able to overturn courts decisions, and not listen to what the supreme court thought was
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Unformatted text preview: constitutional and what was not so. This theory seemed to me than to mean that there would be two branches working together to overturn the other branches decision. After discuissing with Professor Moore, he explained to me a different idea of departmentalism, which we discussed throughly in class on tuesday. It seems to me, either theory has it support from the book, you just need to decide which one better suits your understanding the models of the US gov...
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