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legislative supremacy

legislative supremacy - was being spent Legislative...

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Legislative Supremacy As the book states, serious forms of Legislative Supremacy are infrequent in the United States. This form is seen mostly in the United Kingdom and even in New Zealand. Legislative Supremacy was used back after the Civil War and was pressed after the Revolutionary War. It has always been slightly harder to get the people as a whole to trust the Legislative branch with all of the power because people think that the Legislative Branch acts too locally. People who support the system used this to the advantage saying that by supporting the local systems you are really in whole supporting the bigger picture. Under a Legislative system the branch was in charge of everything including how much money was being spent and where it
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Unformatted text preview: was being spent. Legislative Supremacy started to lose power because people wanted to see elected officials have more power in the system and wanted to restrict some of the things they thought the Legislative Branch was overusing. This notion severely contrasts with the notion of Judicial Review. If we used this system in America it would be a system where the Legislature makes all the final calls. Like if the Legislature made a law and several people were charged with it, even if the Judicial Branch thought the law was unconstitutional they could not overturn it. The only thing the Judicial Branch would be able to do would be to actually see if the people actually had committed a crime....
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