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Tomorrow’s Eve Paper Outline Topic #5: In what ways do sexual desire and technology intersect in Tomorrow’s Eve? Concepts to explore include: desire as projection and desire as inscription. Sexual desire fuels the creation of Hadlay. Sexual desire is the sole benefit from hollow women like Alicia. Sexual desire leads to the downfall of man as in Edison’s tale about Anderson. Edison himself appears almost devoid of sexual desires. Hadlay’s desires are what Ewald wants them to be according to Edison. Alicia’s desires are non-sexual in nature she is lustful but for power and notoriety and money. Ewald’s initial request (and all that follows) of Hadlay is of projection. He projects his ideals onto Alicia but she comes up short so he needs a new representation. Edison’s projections (or those he chooses) can become reality. Edison projects his morality onto Ewald by being a superior rhetorician. Edison projects his ideas onto the world through his “magical” creations. Hadlay projects her needs (to survive) onto Ewald in the end. Anderson projects his short
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