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Outline Freud - Freud Screen Memory Work Outline Topic#1...

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Freud Screen Memory Work Outline Topic #1: Analyze and discuss your “first memory” in relation to Freud’s arguments about early remembrance in “ Screen Memories .” What parts of your memory possess what Freud would call “psychical significance”? Is there anything notably omitted, repressed, or “screened off”? Is there anything that might serve as a “screen” for something else? Can you trust the memory? What seems artificial or false about it? Would you consider it a memory “from” or merely “of” childhood? In answering these questions, make sure that you demonstrate an adequate grasp of Freud’s positions, even if you don’t always agree with them. My first memory is as I discussed in class a memory of my fourth Spring while we lived in South Carolina. In the memory I wake alone in my room without anyone having come to open my curtains, my baseball curtains that I got when I turned three but went away after I was six. I get out of my bed and open the door and walk down the little hallway to where our living room and kitchen are visible. My father is in the kitchen cooking bacon for a late breakfast or something and is cursing because it is burning but also because it is too late. In the living room I can also see my sister and my mother, my mother is doing my sister’s hair with those little bows that pinch in little girls pony tails and such. The couch is brown corduroy and the carpet is a reddish rust color. It is spring time and the light is harsh. I remember that the corduroy would hurt your hands if you sat on them while sitting on the couch, the slight pain of the light coming in from the windows, the violent stream of curses from my father. After reading Freud’s work
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Outline Freud - Freud Screen Memory Work Outline Topic#1...

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