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Chapter 38: Plant Nutrition The theme of this chapter focuses on several very important aspects of plant biology. It is a short chapter, but the topics are important, particularly the issues dealing with Global Warming – a topic we will return to later on. Both the Concept Outline on P. 781 and Concept Review Outline on P. 793 are very helpful. Plants require nutrients and minerals in both large and small quantities just like their animal counterparts. Those that are required in relatively large amounts are called macronutrients . Those nutrients and minerals required in lesser quantities are called micronutrients . Table 38.1 summarizes both. Note in the sidebar on P. 783, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen constitute ~ 94% of a plant’s dry weight. The remaining macronutrients each constitute ~ 1% of the plant’s dry weight. Figure 38.2 shows how a good botanist can detect nutrient deficiency in plants simply on the basis of their growth. Figure 38.3 gives an overview of how important a particular nutrient may be determined based on resulting plant growth. This is an area of important research. For example, your textbook points out that phosphorus is often taken up against a gradient. But, phosphate binds easily to many minerals. However, if the soil can be acidified, the phosphorus is released from the soils which allows uptake. Therefore, some plants have been genetically modified to secrete citric acid which aids in this process. Soils:
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Chapter_38PltNutrition - Chapter 38: Plant Nutrition The...

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