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1. Global warming due to ozone reduction, increased UV to Earth's surface, increased re- radiation of IR and absorption by greenhouses (carbon dioxide and methane). 2. Acid Rain - Impact on forests, water, biodiversity. Use of Amphibians as biological indicators. Importance of concentration at air/water interfaces. 3. Tropical rainforests: Loss of carbon storage, biodiversity, soils, medicines. 4. Soil Erosion: Poor agricultural practices, toxic introductions
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Biodiversity and Extinction 6. Human Population Growth 7. Habitat Fragmentation/Loss 8. Keystone Species 9. Conservation/Preservation of Ecosystems 5. Chesapeake Bay: Point vs Nonpoint Pollution - Importance of airsheds 6. Overpopulation: Importance of economics as a density dependent control mechanism Importance of nonscientists in reducing environmental insults Buying power - the concept of "Value Added Products."...
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