Comparison of Animal and Plant Hormones

Comparison of Animal and Plant Hormones - Tissues Does not...

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Comparison of Animal and Plant Hormones ANIMAL PLANT Site of Definite hormone producing organs - Tissues or organs that produce plant Production               Endocrine glands.  Sole function – do hormones are also responsible for some nothing else for entire life of animal. other function.  Additionally, a  particular plant hormone may be  produced by different tissues at  different stages in the plant’s life. Targets               Very specific for target cells or Plant hormones seem to affect virtually
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Unformatted text preview: Tissues. Does not affect other any tissue in the plant. Also, different Tissues, organs, or cells tissues have different levels of sensitivity for same concentration, i.e., roots vs shoots vs stems Homeostasis Maintain homeostasis. Speed Do not maintain homeostasis. Usually up or slow down cell activity. affect differentiation and growth by Concept of positive and negative causing permanent, irreversible feedback systems. changes in cellular activity....
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