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What is the difference between recognition and recall when answering test questions? There are clues within the question to jog your memory, and recall requires that you bring the information out of your long-term memory and organize it in a way that effectively answers what has been asked. Name four specific strategies that you already use to prepare for tests. 1. Take notes. 2. Review material. 3. Get plenty of sleep the prior night. 4. Make summary sheets. Why is it important to budget your time when taking a test? So that you don’t run out of time and make careless mistakes because you’ve rushed. Explain how to budget your time when you take a test. 1. When calculating the point value of questions, determine the percentage of the total score toward which it counts.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. From the total amount of time allowed for the test, subtract some time for preview and review. 3. Calculate the percentage of the base time t hat you should allow for each question or set of questions. Explain the effect negatives have on true/false statements. If the statement has a negative word in it and you leave it out, your answer will be wrong. What is a double negative? Double negatives are a test maker’s trick to catch students unaware. What is the difference between a general qualifier and an absolute qualifier? In true/false statements why should one carefully check items in a series? What educated guess can you make when a true/false statement gives reasons? Why are there usually more true statements than false ones?...
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