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Can a world renowned kick boxer Jean-Claude Van Damme and a college graduate Todd Senofonte look and act alike? I like to think so. Jean-Claude has been a star in many action films in the early nineties, while Todd has been taking classes and living the college life. While Todd was participating in college courses people would be telling him that he looks like Jean-Claude. A young student sculpted body just to look like his hero’s physique. One day Todd walked onto a movie set, and Jean-Claude’s secretary mistakenly referred to Todd as Jean-Claude. From there on out he became his stunt double, and also made movies with him. While Todd was young, Jean-Claude started to begin to age. You can tell the difference between the two because Jean-Claude has a thinner face and also his eyes are more narrow. As well as Todd’s muscular build was a little more bulky compared to the aging Jean-Claude. The two were a great pair except there personalities were very different.
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Unformatted text preview: Being a young courageous college graduate who attended Bloomsburg University Todd was much less professional than Jean-Claude. As Jean-Claude was much older then Todd he had been in this profession for a long time and knew what to expect. While Todd had just been a young man and was expecting to find all the new prospects of the Hollywood life. They were very similar in a lot of ways, but also were very different in many ways as well. The two had different attitudes, Jean-Claude remained very professional while Todd acted as if he met his childhood hero. The facial expressions between the two showed the maturity of each other. I think they did look alike, but there attitudes were much different. It shows that you can sculpt your body and try as hard as you want to look like someone, but in the end attitude is everything and thats just too hard to change....
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