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Ryan Butler Composition 1 7/5/2007 America is one of the most successful countries in the world, and a successful country has to maintain strong leaders. President George W. Bush has done just that, he raised the education, aid in the struggle to save the environment, secured our borders from terrorist, and helped those countries in struggle. Though many see President Bush as a southern farmer, who doesn’t know how to speak, and continues to make a fool out of himself and our nation. Yes he has made some rather bold statements, it’s not because he is stupid, it’s because he talks from the heart. A dumb person couldn’t lead the strongest military into a war torn country, and remove the most evil dictator in the world. The people of Iraq have proven that what President Bush did was save their lives. Sadam Hussien would kill innocent civilians’ everyday for no reason at all ( By going to war he has also created many new jobs for American citizens to aid in rebuilding
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Unformatted text preview: Iraq. President Bush has also been a leader in the fight to save our environment. President Bush has proposed a plan to cure the changing climate due to the green house gases ( The plan proposes that we lower our use of green house emitting vehicles and factories. He is also known for high efforts in insuring that our borders are safe from illegal aliens. Yes we do have a high rate of illegal aliens but you can’t stop everyone. Since 9/11 our borders have been reinforced and patrolled carefully. The Patriot Act is the leading tool President Bush proposed. The Department of Justice uses this act allows them to detect and track terrorist and criminals ( Now could an idiot really retain the level of success that America is known for? No, President Bush is the most successful presidents we’ve seen in a long time, and will make America better off for the long run as well....
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