The young stunt double Todd Senofonte

The young stunt double Todd Senofonte - The young stunt...

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The young stunt double Todd Senofonte, has been told for years that he looks like one of the world’s biggest action stars Jean Claude Van Damme. Jean Claude is known for his masterful kick boxing skills and his chiseled chest and arms beating up movie villains for years. Todd has the rigid look that Van Damme has also the similar look in his eye that you see in Van Damme. Todd has had a personal trainer to train him to have the same muscular build that van Damme has. Todd has similar facial features and the muscular body structure, but Van Damme has begun to age causing him to lose his rigid look and build that has made him the star he once was. The two also have different personalities, Van Damme having a jealous and big shot style and Senofonte having an innocent and bothersome personality. Todd was an Elementary Education major at Bloomsburg University, where he had hoped to become a teacher. Till the day Todd was seen by the secretary of Van Damme, Van Damme’s secretary believed that Todd was Van Damme and was
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