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Ryan Butler Composition 1 Journal- President The idea of the essay on the effectiveness of the President was to debate whether Mr. Bush was effective or ineffective. Your argument needed many facts and figures in order to convey your belief. First you need to select your stance on the effectiveness of Mr. Bush. Then argue your stance with many examples displaying the side you’ve chosen. I used a strategy taught by my brother, when arguing a point always chooses the opposite. When you know something it’s easier to counter-argue, in this paper would be a good way to catch the readers attention. Then allowing them to realize what you’re talking about is true and they too feel the same way. Top political websites only show one side of the debate, causing a difficulty in finding the truth in the matter of effectiveness. I argued that Mr. Bush was an effective president, and so I used the website dedicated to showing it. White House dot com is the website for showing the achievements during the Presidents term. After I used information form the website I then had to follow it up with in-text citations, proving that I hadn’t created the information on my own. The main belief many Americans see is he is an “idiot,” now proving that is hard because there isn’t information on the web to prove otherwise. That’s a matter of belief, so I had to use examples from class in which made him show he was making it easy for everyone to understand. Arguing is a skill that can be easily brought down by a counter-argument by good details and examples proven by many facts.
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Journal - Ryan Butler Composition 1 Journal President The...

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