ANSWERS TO pale fire quiz - ANSWERS TO pale fire quiz #2...

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ANSWERS TO pale fire quiz #2 Mary (Therese) McCarthy (1912-1989) Mary McCarthy was born in Seattle, WA. Orphaned at the age of six, when both her parents died in the great flu epidemic of 1918, she was brought up by two sets of rich but austere grandparents - in both a strict Catholic environment and in a Protestant one. Witty and sophisticated American writer and theater critic, noted for her satirical commentaries on marriage, intellectuals, and the role of women. McCarthy's novels were often drawn from autobiographical sources; she put friends, enemies, ex-husbands, thinly disguised, into her fiction. Her bestselling novel, THE GROUP (1963), was about her classmates at Vassar and their subsequent lives. McCarthy's seven novels appeared between the years 1942 and 1979. Most of her fiction and nonfiction explored the response of intellectuals to political and moral problems. McCarthy's attraction to Communism ended in 1936-37, but in the mid-1960s she re-emerged as a political essayist, writing against the Vietnam War. 17th century, Samuel Johnson was a English writer, very poor, got rich by marrying an old widow
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ANSWERS TO pale fire quiz - ANSWERS TO pale fire quiz #2...

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