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PALE FIRE FOREWORD NOTES - Children believe things which...

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PALE FIRE FOREWORD NOTES Does Charles Kinbote actually like Shade?   Our other gay writer - Plato There may be a sense where the poem Pale Fire is an orphaned text In the republic, Plato sets up the perfect city where everything is just and people are doing what  they're meant to In his perfect city, he throws out the poets, why? What is art? Art is an imitation of the world But the world is just an imitation of the real So art is a bad reflection of a bad reflection, or it's a bad copy of a bad copy, or it's the  shadow of a shadow Plato thought art had no place being in his city because it isn't true     Palefire - a reflection, an imitation, a shadow These three things aren't as good as the real thing There is no perfect reflection, we all see through a dingy mirror
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Unformatted text preview: Children believe things which are similar are the same. This is worth writing into your book Every single book he ever wrote was dedicated to his wife, Vera I believe computers steal your soul Terrible day when Thoth gave us writing You're missing the madness which is me He doesn't actually talk about the poem Friday will be the worst, the turnaround might come over the weekend West Virginia - two cities that pass through - Charleston and Stanton The beloved king of Zembla - Charles the beloved of many, mostly men Enough evidence to suspect that perhaps Kinbote might be bi He had a wife! Remember the Plato note, with reflections, copies and shadows...
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