ESSAY 2 - Valdez 1 Pedro Valdez Saul Halfon Intro to...

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Valdez 1 Pedro Valdez Saul Halfon Intro to Humanities Science and Technology Taylor Loy 10/18/07 Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 a Space Odyssey movie is about a mission to Jupiter that fails because of an intelligent computer that turns against its operators. In the movie the man is portrayed as a natural scientist that regularly deals with high technology such as spaceships and videoconferences, etc. In the movie’s famous ending the main character is shown aged and lying in his deathbed, but suddenly he transforms into a fetus-like being that is enclosed on a transparent bubble floating in the moon. This scene can be interpreted as an explanation of man’s cycle of life but its origins is not the earth but the space. In the movie, technology and intelligence are represented as monoliths and humans react in different ways when they see one. Humans from all cultures are always pursuing improvement, but some in different ways than others. The culture people embrace determines how and if they will trust and make use of science and technology dealing with for example communications and artificial intelligence. In turn that science and technology will determine the culture’s strength dealing with for example warlike technology and automated machines. Nowadays, cultures tend to seek communication at all expenses, thus internet, skype and other means of communication are very popular ways of getting in touch. In the movie, 2001 a Space Odyssey, people talk with videoconferences as Dr. Heywood R. Floyd, the main character; speak with his daughter who is in the earth while he is onboard a spaceship. In this scene we can realize how much the man depends on technology, for it allows him to fulfill his basic need of talking with a beloved one. Through the ages, men has always faced the need to communicate and socialize, and by
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ESSAY 2 - Valdez 1 Pedro Valdez Saul Halfon Intro to...

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