Engr Research Seminar Final Essay

Engr Research Seminar Final Essay - Research is what guides...

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Research is what guides the human being in its search for improvement. Nowadays in a world that is always seeking innovation and improvement, research is a valuable tool that helps technology develop with its results. Most of the times research must be performed with the funding of a corporation or governments, but other times it is performed by independent people in search of knowledge. Nowadays most of the prestigious American universities require its entire faculty to be involved in a research project of any kind. In today’s world research can be interpreted as the engine that moves the huge machine of science and innovation. It can be stated that research is the key for a better future. Although the result is the same, there are two ways of performing research, fundamental research and applied research. Fundamental research can be identified as the research performed with the only purpose of gaining knowledge. Through the ages some of the great discoveries and inventions have been made without the direct intention to do so. As an example we can see Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone while he was working on a device to help the deaf (Wikipedia, 1). “Basic research (also called fundamental or pure research) has as its primary objective the advancement of knowledge and the theoretical understanding of the relations among variables (see statistics) (Wikipedia,1).” “Examples of questions asked in basic research: -Does string theory provide physics with a grand unification theory? -Which aspects of genomes explain organismal complexity?
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Engr Research Seminar Final Essay - Research is what guides...

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