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leadership paper - Kedrick Andrews IDIS 240 5:55 -7:20...

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Kedrick Andrews IDIS 240 5:55 -7:20 Leadership Journal A leader is a great person by any means that an average person can possible think of. They are the people that set, makes, and mold our beliefs, values, and opinion. A leader takes charge of any situation and guides the weaker to a particular view and mindset. Not necessarily a hero or heroin, but they impact the way we march toward a given idea. Leaders are made not born. I say that because there is not a gene in any DNA strand for “leader.” Though you can begin at an early age, there is no way that you can be born with a leadership gene. A person could be made, shaped, and even molded equipped with leadership qualities. In my opinion, I feel as though Melba Pattillo Beals was and is a great leader. She was one of the nine teenagers from Little Rock Arkansas that help to racially integrate Central High School. She took a stand against the evils of segregation and made efforts to rid the world of its hold. She believed that it was unfair and unjust to be segregated and looked upon as inferior by other races. With the help of the NAACP she took a stand, along with the other eight, and lead the way for the world that we know of today, which is free to feel equal. In the novel, Warriors Don’t
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leadership paper - Kedrick Andrews IDIS 240 5:55 -7:20...

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