Syllabus - Chemistry 262 Intro to Organic Chemistry II Dr...

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Chemistry 262 – Intro to Organic Chemistry II Dr. Bessie N. A. Mbadugha Spring 2008 Office: Kenan Labs B147-A [email protected] Office hours: Thurs 2 – 3 pm and by appointment 919-843-7881 Review sessions: TBA Lecture: T, Th 9:30 – 10:45 am, Chapman 211 Required Texts Organic Chemistry by Brown, Foote and Iverson, 4 th edition . 4 th edition by Iverson and Iverson. Prerequisites Successful completion of Chemistry 261 is required for enrollment in Chemistry 262. Web Resources UNC onyen and password to access resources on Blackboard Help Sessions Dobbins Resource Center – Kenan Labs C143 Tutoring services posted on Blackboard Supplemental Instructors Review Sessions, time/location TBA Course Overview Organic Chemistry is the study of carbon-containing compounds that are prevalent in all aspects of our lives, from what we eat and how we live to who we are. Organic Chemistry 262 will provide a continuation of the study of carbon chemistry that we began in Organic Chemistry 261, including structure, functional groups, nomenclature and some critical classes of organic reactions. We will apply this knowledge to designing synthetic pathways for the preparation of target compounds. We will also continue to explore the use of spectroscopy for the identification of intermediate molecules and final products. Preparation Organic Chemistry is an active course – you should expect to put in time if you plan to excel. Reading the text before class is strongly advised. It is not expected that everything
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Syllabus - Chemistry 262 Intro to Organic Chemistry II Dr...

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