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21 Human Rights, Development & Democracy

21 Human Rights, Development & Democracy - Human Rights...

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Unformatted text preview: Human Rights, Development & Democracy November 29, 2006 Human Rights Defined simply: equal, inalienable rights for all. What is the source of these rights? Norms of behavior "cascade" throughout the international arena Institutionalization of these norms Vienna Declaration, 1993 World Conference on Human Rights sponsored by UNHRC Wishes versus Will We see a tremendous effort to specify and declare the need for human rights around the world BUT... We see a lack of political will to compel governments to adhere to modern human rights standards Democracy and Development Current wisdom suggests that democracy and development are the key causal mechanisms for improving human rights. Current research suggests that democracy and development are strongly (positively) correlated with human rights. So what is Donnelly's beef? Correlation vs. Causation Democracy guarantees nothing for the individual. Democracy in its purest form is about the masses. Development is best done using capitalism and open market economics. Markets are notoriously wicked to the inefficient. The poor are typically inefficient in markets. The poor are most likely to be denied human rights. Donnelly's Policy Recommendation The Liberal Democratic Welfare State Think Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands... Democracy still the form of government, with institutional controls designed to preserve advanced levels of human rights. How realistic is this approach? ...
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