Does Calling it a Jihad Make it So

Does Calling it a Jihad Make it So - Does Calling It Jihad...

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Does Calling It Jihad Make It So? - New York Times .. 1 of 3 8/14/2006 9:07 AM August 13, 2006 Does Calling It Jihad Make It So? By DAVID E. SANGER SOON after the British police announced last week that they had broken up a plot to blow up aircraft across the Atlantic, President Bush declared the affair “a stark reminder that this nation is at war with Islamic fascists.” British officials, on the other hand, referred to the men in custody as “main players,” and declined to discuss either their motives or ideology so that they would not jeopardize “criminal proceedings.” The difference in these initial public characterizations was revealing: The American president summoned up language reaffirming that the United States is locked in a global war in which its enemies are bound together by a common ideology, and a common hatred of democracy. For the moment, the British carefully stuck to the toned-down language of law enforcement. A critical debate in America today — among political candidates and among national security experts — is whether five years of war declarations and war-making have helped to make the United States more secure. Or, even in the absence of a major attack on American soil since 9/11, has this strategy created greater danger by providing terror groups with exactly what they crave: the sense that they are a unified army of jihadists? And has the strategy radicalized large swaths of the Muslim world in ways that were not imaginable as recently as 2003? For the White House, the bomb plot last week was Exhibit A in defense of the war strategy: the plotters would go after Americans, war or no war in Iraq . But critics argue that merging the global war on terror and Iraq was creating new jihadists, from Indonesia to Walthamstow, the East London area where much of the plot was hatched. Few questioned whether the war-on-terror strategy made sense right after 9/11. The war in
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Does Calling it a Jihad Make it So - Does Calling It Jihad...

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