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Brianna Sheppard September 5, 2007 CE 100S Point Pleasant Bridge Collapse 1) The bridge collapse was caused by faulty construction of the eyebars. The eyebars were forged, hammered and heat treated, but the temperature wasn’t properly regulated throughout the iron. The iron on the inside is brittle creating pinholes and other problems in the eyebar. These faults are enlarged when the temperature drops and the repetition of the changing temperature creates corrosion. This led to the faults intensifying to the point of breaking when the temperatures dropped the day of the bridge collapse. 2) In order to determine the cause of the collapse, the bridge wreckage was collected
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Unformatted text preview: and placed in a large field to be sorted. The allowed a team of engineers to locate the initial broken piece. This was the first piece of the puzzle in learning why the bridge collapsed and more specifically why the eyebar initially broke. Once the problem piece was revealed, the issue of how it broke was the main issue. The workers spent a great deal of time taking a microscopic look at the eyebar, until they finally found the brittle iron on the inside of the eyebar. 3) From this collapse, engineers are able to learn the faults of unregulated iron forging and the lack of testing materials before they are put into a bridge....
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