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RPTS 301 Exam Review

RPTS 301 Exam Review - 301 Exam Review 1 What are the...

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301 Exam Review 1. What are the classical meanings of leisure? a. Cultural Hearths – original centers of civilization, cornerstone for development of advanced civilization. b. Kingdom of Kush – adornment in daily life, birthplace of human race, develop new styles of art and architecture (metal & wood), decorative clothing, jewelry 2. What role did leisure play in Ancient Greece? a. Aristotle - Performed for own sake, leisure is freedom from having to be occupied, necessary for happiness, goodness in uniqueness b. Plato – benefits of music and gymnastics c. Socrates – the good life was a life of right and choice d. Teachings only available to aristocrats, leisure class was native born male citizens, Olympics were popular, then leisure became more _____ 3. Identify and discuss the nine transitions that illustrate the expansion of leisure for social good a. Initial limited provisions of activities to young children are handed to services for all ages b. What is a settlement House? c. A method for serving the poor in urban areas by living among them and serving them directly d. Hull House – 1889 Jane Adams 4. Identify and discuss the definitions of having fun a. ..
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b. 5. Understand differences between freedom “from” and freedom “to” and its relationship with leisure. a. From – escape the necessities of life – married couple going out for the night b. To – making the most of possibilities - c. 6. What are the four types of play as provided in your text?
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RPTS 301 Exam Review - 301 Exam Review 1 What are the...

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