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Page 1 of 1 Spring 2007 RPTS 201 Test 1 Review The test is comprised of: Multiple choice (1 pt each) One matching question (4 points) Fill in the blank and short answer (2 points each) Two short essays one or two paragraphs each (5 points each) What are the types of government organizations providing local recreation services? Be familiar with the characteristics of professionals in nonprofits. What are the six key entrepreneurial skills? What are the types of legislation enabling local agencies to provide parks and recreation services? What revenue sources can nonprofits rely on? Know the professional roles in the park and recreation field at the local level of government and the sub examples. What are the goals of nonprofit leisure service organizations? Be familiar with the types of youth and voluntary nonprofit leisure service organizations
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Unformatted text preview: Know the basic forms of business ownership. Know the trends affecting space and facility design in public recreation and parks. What are the major functions of combined Park and Recreation Departments? What is the primary goal of commercial recreation providers? What does it depend on? What are some types recreation services provided by nonprofits? Know the skills an entrepreneur needs. What revolution influenced the provision of park and recreation services? Why? Define altruistic. What is the goal of local park and recreation agencies? Know and be able to explain a few specific challenges facing park and recreation agencies and professionals. What contributions do friends groups make to recreation and park programs and services? *There are also a few questions from lecture and one or two "thinker" questions....
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